Here is the information about everything you find here at DisabledPlanet,
who is already online for more then ten year.

DisabledPlanet works with exclusive amputee and disability models. If you are looking for real models with a disability, or if you want to become a model, then for sure you are on the right place.
Models with a Disability?!,... Yes, so many different industries need models with a disability and so many people like to see that people with a disability still are very beautiful and can do a lot of things. Some people with a disability can even do more things then some '4 limbed' people.

DisabledPlanet has many interviews with people with a disability.
We are always looking for some people who want o bring their story and who have something special to tell about their amazing life.

DisabledPlanet helps people worldwide with a disability, who are in the need of help.
So many countries on this planet don't give any support to disabled people. Many of them even sleeps in the streets and have nothing.
We try to change this situation with your help.
When you are in the need of real help, please let us know and we will try to find a solution together. When you want to help, we can bring you in contact with the person who need help.

DisabledPlanet has a magazine, filled with information and interviews.
This magazine is available online for free, but you also can subscribe to the offline printed version.
The magazine comes out every 3 months.
All interviews and information in the magazine are off course exclusive.

DisabledPlanet has a members area where you can find only pictures and movies from our own exclusive models.
All pictures are in extremely high quality.
Through our membership area, photographers and different industries (as wheelchair and prosthetic companies, even movie industries) and visitors who like to see the amazing things people with a disability can do, can see the pictures and exclusive movies we made.
All pictures and movies are well sorted by model and by their different sets.

DisabledPlanet works with a worldwide team.
We have a reporter in Uganda, a photographer in Nigeria, story writers in Brazil and Australia,  ... we have different locations as in Portugal, USA...
If you want to be part of our unique team, we would love to Welcome you as being part of our DisabledPlanet family.
We are continuously looking for contributors, reporters, photographers,... worldwide.

We offer thousands of free amputee and disability pictures, well sorted by kind of disability and kind of amputation.
Daily people send us hundreds of pictures to submit to our free section, so you all can enjoy.
If you go on Google (as example) it will take you many hours to find some interesting pictures. Right?... At our free section, you don't need to search, it's all already there.

Now you have an idea about what all you will find on DisabledPlanet.
But there is much more. Visit our shop, read the stories, written by other visitors, visit our Facebook page and our Youtube Channel.
And don't forget our slogan:

Disability can be Beautiful