AUGUST 31, 2017

An interview with Vicky Chemutai, from Uganda

Amputees in Uganda.
DisabledPlanet Reporter in Uganda

Who are you, and from where are you?
My name is Chemutai vicky
Date of birth 9/September/1995

Why you wanted to become a reporter for DisabledPlanet?
Well  I wanted something to keep me busy and not be idle after my university.
Besides I am a social hardworking person in real life who interacts with all people in society no matter what.
I have skills in communications
Therefore being a reporter for DisablePlanet suits me and I love doing it

Introduction film of Vicky & Amputees in Uganda

Why do you want to help the many poor amputees in Uganda?
In my country I realized a number of amputees are living in the streets of big towns like Kampala and Jinja and Mbale
This is because some of them are rejected in there societies and called names which forces them to flew and face the terrible life in the towns.
They have no shelter no food and always begging on the roads I picked a lot of interest in them and wanted to know there stories.
They told me about there lives and I felt sorry for them that's why I'm trying my best to at least call upon the world of DisabledPlanet to know there story and morally, spiritually and financially support them.
A Heart that supports is golden .

What you do in life?
Well I just finished university education and working now as reporter at
Thanks and regards from Vicky.

Amputees in Uganda,... A few pictures made by Vicky.