An interview with Esther Namono, from Uganda

Cancer took my arm.
Esther sells tomatoes to survive.


How old are you and from where?
I am 24 years old, living in Jinja, Uganda.

How you became an amputee?
I became an amputee when I was 21. I had cancer that started in my fingers and later spreader to my hand.
The arm needed to be amputated, to prevent it from spreading throughout my body, before it could kill me.

Life must be very help as an amputee...
Yes, I am divorced and try to survive with selling tomatoes. My husband abandoned me, when I just was 3 months pregnant. But, the most important for me now is that I am no more in pain, because when I still had my hand, I was in terrible pains from that cancer.

Introduction film of Esther


Esther, a few pictures from her.

Esther would be really happy, if you could help her.
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