AUGUST 23, 2017

An interview with Noxolo Mtshali, from South Africa

I became disabled after
falling from the stairs

How old are you and from where?
I am 29 years old and from Durban, South Africa.
My date of birth is March 28, 1988.

Since when are you in a wheelchair and what happened?
I'm in a wheelchair since 2009.
I broke my spine at home, by falling from the stairs.
But the place where it happened, we left due to circumstances.

What was your first reaction that you never would walk again?
I cried and I was confused, I wanted answers.

How you feel right now about your disability?
I've come to terms with my disability.

How was the reaction of your family when you became wheelchair bounded?
They couldn't understand. It broke their heart.

What disability you have?
A spinal cord injury, Quadriplegic... C6 / 7, what means that I can't feel anything from the chest down.

What you miss the most since you're in a wheelchair?
Living outside and aerobics.
Being able to go where I want to.

Is South-Africa wheelchair accessible?
It is, but some buildings are still restricted.

We heard that you would like to become a model, why?
To show that life doesn't stop after a tragedy that changed your life.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are painting and wheelchair sports, but never been exposed to any.

Her interview is also in the magazine