My name is Regina, and I am Brazilian. I live in the South of the country, not so far from Sao Paul, o.
A few years ago I became an amputee (left leg above the knee) in a tragic accident with a bus.
It was a terrible period for me, the first months after my amputation, I thought my happy live would be over for good.
I prayed to God, to help me, to help me making me happy again, but I was not.
I lost my job, I lost my house, and my boyfriend... he left me, because I was an amputee.

But, last year, on a trip I made to Sao Paulo center, to find work, I met a guy from France.
His name is Ludovic. We met each other in a bar.
He was so sweet to me, and even offered me to go visiting him in France.
I did.
i went for 3 weeks to France, in Montpelier, where he lives.
There we felled in love, and there I discovered about devotees.
He open minded told me he was an admirer of devotees.
It took me a while before I could accept his -strange fantasies about stumps.
But finally, we got married, here in Brazil, and soon we will travel again to France.

It is not yet sure where we gonna live. Here or over there in Europe.
Ludovic is so good for me, and he is a wonderfully man.
If I wasn't one legged now, I never had met him.

from: Regina, 31, Brazil
e-mail: anonymous