Who are you?
My name is Bruna
From where are you?
I am from Guriri, Espirito Santo, Brazil

How you decided to become a model?
A female friend who works for DisabledPlanet invited me for a barbeque, so I went to the barbeque and on that moment one of the photographers of DisabledPlanet was also there. They asked me or I wanted to be a model and I decided to do it.
That same weekend I met the whole crew from DisabledPlanet, together with my mother. We went out on the beach here in Guriri and that weekend my documentary was made.
Your full documentary is on Internet, right?
Yes, it is in 3 parts, it can be found at Youtube.
This are the links:
Part 1 of 3:
Part 2 of 3:
Part 3 of 3:

Bruna with the film team at Guriri, ES, Brazil, buying coconuts to use in her session and documentary.

Did you had many visitors to your documentary?
Really a lot, till now over 80.000 people, but what I really find sad is that some man only contacted to date me, but in the film I made very clear that I was looking for some real help.
Yes, I needed a new prosthetic, but even with those 80.000 views no one ever contacted me for that. Finally my father found after a long time enough money to support me with a new fake leg.

Some picture examples of the many sets from Bruna

How you became an amputee?
I was born with a deformation in my leg, so they needed to amputate, so I could use a prosthetic leg. In my right hand I don't have bones in the hand part.
What are your hobbies?
I love the beach and going out with my friends.

We know that you were already on the cover of a book, tell us please more.
I indeed was already on a book cover with one of my pictures.
A writer who wanted to publish a book with amputee stories, contacted me, and together with DisabledPlanet we agreed to use a picture of me on the cover of the book 'Devotions'.

The book cover of 'Devotions', with Bruna on it.
Available at and

How was the experience to be a model for DisabledPlanet?
I really liked that day of the documentary, 2 full days being filmed, having all the attention for me.
If the team from DisabledPlanet would be in the area again, for sure I would make another movie documentary.

Bruna with Alex, photographer of DisabledPlanet, during the photo shootings.


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