What is your name and where are you from?
Kelechi Vivian O.

What is your Date of birth and in which year did you become an amputee?
19th March, 1990. I lost my leg in year 2002.

How did you became an amputee?
Through an unexpected landmine explosion.

What was the reaction of your family when you became an amputee?
They felt very bad but they have to accept the fact that they can't change it.

The Nigerian government do they do much for amputees?
Nigeria is not disability friendly.

Is Nigeria accessible for amputees?
So very little not much at all.

What are your hobbies or things you like to do?
Reading, Music and Cooking.

What is your occupation?

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What are the things you can't do anymore as an amputee?
I can do all things, I am an unlimited edition amputee.

What massage do you have for new amputees around the world?
My advise to them is that they should stay focus, know that there are many beautiful things that life have for them. Disability is not Deniability.

Are you married? Do you have Children?
No to all.

Why do you want to be a model for DisabledPlanet?
I want to make a difference and tell the world that I can be the best.

Was it hard or easy for you to accept your disability?
It was very easy by God's grace and with the help of my family, I also knew that I can't change it so I accepted it.

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