From where are you? I am Shirley, and from Venezuela
How long are you an amputee? I am an amputee since May 19, 2010.  
How did you became an amputee? From a giant cell tumor, sarcoma
Why did you decided to become an exclusive model for Disabledplanet?
I decided to become a model when I saw the photos and some amputee movies, and your commentary.  I didn't know the reality that there exist amputee models and in view of your proposal and seeing the other models; so I thought I liked and I do it
So I decided to become an exclusive model for Disabledplanet, and I like it.
What is your favorite food? My favorite food is pizza and Mc Donald’s. Shrimps… ice cream, French fries,

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Do you like to travel? Wow I love traveling…want to go to Spain…want to know it.
What do you think about people who are attracted to amputees?
This is not a judgment but everyone has their own taste, difference, decide for something that we like most , indeed, fact that made of us humans not the same… Have different ways of like something and want it, and if in case people I admire are less attractive what to do, at least are good to me.

Can you walk easy on a prosthetic?
In my case it is not easy to wear a prosthetic. My amputation above the knee makes wounds between my legs that are very difficult to cure, but anyway I need to learn use that.
How do you feel about being an amputee?
In the beginning it was very difficult for me to accept that, and I lived on pills to sleep, I just didn’t care anything about the world,  I wanted to  die, on the following days I realized that I only could count on the help of my mother and my children and that there were more things that happened in the world by the way being like that nothing stopped because of me, plants grow, people moved, and me here waiting for nothing.,
So I decided to stop and face the world all days and all nights, and I know it was wonderful, and here I am.
I didn’t wanted to be like that but God decided; so I learn to live like this and search for the most positive and see the beautiful of life…
I want my children whatever being value of things anyway they are very special to me I love them more than anything…
How did your family reacted when you became an amputee?
My family and my children accepted my amputation first than me. Anyway the best decision was my amputation my life without a leg. I will have a life that suppose that was what all of them wanted that I lived…my daughter help me very much and is very close to me.
Are there many possibilities in Venezuela for amputees?
Well here this government says that there exist possibilities, but I didn’t found for any help and the years passed and nothing… Going on the buses is terrible, no one stops.
In the matter of having a job there exist a law that says it’s obligatory and you go and leave your resume; so it goes for days, months and no one calls you, a lot of things, but this is a revolutionary country, I can tell you that.
I live with my mum and she help me and give me things I need… I have some friends that helps me  too, my aunties, so that is how I live.
What was the reaction of your husband?
My husband, since he discovered my disease, he decided to leave me.  I think that I’m glad, I’m better like this without him and my children too, so it’s me and me that cares…
What was your reaction when they told you that they needed to remove your leg?
When the doctor told me that, I was in the surgery room and there was no option, but of course it was something that will goes over and I knew… I’m very humble and I wanted work and study…but never it is to late having a new life as an amputee. I have to live this way…

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