What is your name?
My name is
From where are you?
Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
What is your disability?
right above the knee amputee

How did you become
an amputee?
I became an amputee after there was a shooting going on in the favela where I live, a 'lost' bullet from the police hit my leg, that later needed to be amputated, but the worse thing that day was when another bullet hit my younger brother, who died in front of me.

Some picture examples of the sets with Taina

How did you became a model?
Well, I met the crew from DisabledPlanet at a shopping center, not far from where I live, so they started to talk to me, and I even didn't had any idea at that time, that there are models with a disability. Now I know.
Are you married?
No, I'm not, but I have a beautiful baby girl.

Are you planning to be a model again?
For sure, now with my daughter, I need the money more then whenever. I am in a conversation with DisabledPlanet to start soon again.

Taina with Alex, photographer at shopping Nova America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
during the first photo shoot.


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