become a model of DisabledPlanet and start making money today


START making money today:

As a model, you first need to agree that people with a disability still can be very attractive, and if you agree with that, then you can start as a model for DisabledPlanet, even today.

DisabledPlanet is looking for New Models.
Are you an amputee, or do you have a visible disability, and are you interested to become a model today? Then you are on the right place.

Who can become a model?
Everyone who is a little bit good looking, who is an amputee or wheelchair user, or has another visible disability. Age is basically not important, but you need to be at least 18 years old. Gender is not important, but the most of our clients have a preference for females. we are looking for models with a visible disability.

If I decide to become a model:

As a DisabledPlanet model, you will receive a Welcome / Start payment, or 60 % on every sale / download.

As a DisabledPlanet model, you can sell us your pictures only exclusively. That means that the pictures you send and sell to us, are only made to be used and published by us. So, you may not use those pictures on your Facebook, or not for other purposes.

As a DisabledPlanet model, you will receive near your payment also a free model tshirt that we send to you. So, it is very important that you fill in your exact information on the formmail below. Here is an example of the tshirt you will receive:

As a DisabledPlanet  model, it can be that we would like to make also a documentary with you:
This would contain:

- A full documentary from you. (at least 60 minutes movie in high quality).

As a
Disabledplanet Model, you need to have:
- A very good internet connection, and a way to make good quality pictures. We can not accept low quality pictures. An example of an high quality picture you find here (minimum 1600 x 1000 pix):

click to open the full format picture example

As a DisabledPlanet Model, we can bring you in contact with companies who are searching for amputees and people with a disability. That means television, film producers, people who are active in the world of mode, companies who sell prosthetics, wheelchairs, etc...

If you are interested in becoming a model today, click the contact us button here below.